About us

BrainBox Innovation Limited

Welcome to BrainBox Innovation, where we believe in the power of human potential and the magic that happens when it’s unlocked. We are a vibrant, dynamic, and forward-thinking Consultancy firm, specializing in training and development of human resources. 
Our journey began with a simple yet powerful belief – that every individual has a unique set of skills and talents. Our mission is to help organizations identify, nurture, and leverage these talents to achieve their strategic objectives. We are not just consultants; we are partners in your journey towards success.
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Brainbox Work

Our Strategies


Blending regular learning with hands-on experiences to create a well-rounded and effective learning environment.

Skill Enhancement and Community Engagement

Implementing skill enhancement programs and engaging with the community to nurture local talent.


Leveraging Innovative strategies to enhance manufacturing efficiency


Partnerships with educational institutions, government bodies, and private sectors

The hub

BrainBox Hub

Our hub is not just a place for making things; it’s a dynamic hub that offers a wide spectrum of opportunities. From cutting-edge prototyping facilities to comprehensive training in manufacturing, fabrication, and design

industry practical applications

We can no longer mine the past for solutions. Instead, we must navigate innovative learning pathways. BrainBox uses cutting edge technology and expertise to empower students with skills that are relevant for future career success and permeance

innovation for the future

Professionals must adapt and innovate in response to new demands and changing circumstances, be able to command and expand the power of technology to create new knowledge and new avenues for economic sustainability. All these are majors our makerspace provides

manufacturing and design

Imagine designing personalized custom products. In our interactive learning space, young enthusiasts learn how our cutting & fabrication machine works and how to use it to create their own special product

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